Friday, December 10, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms "Diamond" and "Imagine Coral", plus items added to my giveaway!

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms "Diamond" is a silver holographic nail polish. Above is three thin coats with Seche Vite on top! I absolutely love this nail polish although I do find is to be a little "90's tacky". Do I care though? NOOOOPPPEEE!!

Sally Hansen "Imagine Coral" is a bright, almost hot pink nail polish. It is a little brighter than what is showing up in the pictures. This is three coats. There is still a visible nail line which I am not liking very much but since this is a pretty color I will have to deal with it.

On the accent nail I added Wet n Wild "Dancer" which is pretty much the silver version of Prancer. I could not get my camera to capture this at all! Boo ;[

Sally Hansen "Diamond" and "Imagine Coral" are two of the polishes in my giveaway. As a reminder I am posting the pictures of the double packs below:

 "Cheerful Crimson" and "Diamond"

 "Imagine Coral" and "Always Ascher"


Revlon "Perplex", Wet n Wild "Comet" (gold version of "Prancer" and "Dancer") and Wet n Wild "Dancer" (pictured above [sort of lol] on top of "Imagine Coral")

For convenience I am going to put the form to enter below. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ENTERED DO NOT ENTER AGAIN! I have your entried recorded, I am just adding this form again here so you all do not have to go back to the other post since everything is in this one! =]

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