Friday, October 29, 2010


 China Glaze Zombie Zest- This polish is wonderful. Application is great and is opaque with two coats but I believe I put three just to be safe. This polish is green with gold sparkles yet at some angles the sparkles appear to be emerald green.

After a failed marbling halloween design, I decided to start fresh and just do a simple design.

Base: Seche Vite Crystal Clear Base Coat
Base Color: China Glaze Zombie Zest
Pumpkin: Color Club Koo-Koo CaChoo, outlined with China Glaze Ick-a-bod-y, "carvings" in Sally Hansen  Black Out
Top: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 sparkly!

After my FAIL of a shopping trip to Dollar Tree, I headed to Sally Beauty Supply Store, which was a few stores down. I wanted to restrain myself from buying anything but my boyfriend convinced me to buy something (bad influence!). So I ended up buying FOUR somethings.

China Glaze Zombie Zest and China Glaze Ick-a-bod-y

Seche Vite Crystal Clear Base Coat and China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Below is China Glaze Ick-a-bod-y:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 that...HIDDEN TREASURE?!

YES IT IS! I am so happy to finally have this beeeeee-youuuuu-teeeee-fulllll flakey in my possession. A certain man in my life bought it for me off of Ebay ( HE BETTER HAD! just kidding! ;] ) He said he bought it so we wouldn't have to head to every drug store all the time. HAHA little does he know, I will still be going to every drugstore all the time.

Hidden Treasure really looks like fish scales! I can't stop staring at my nails with Hidden Treasure on. I am also very satisfied with the fact that I cannot feel the flakes on my nails like I do with glitter polish. Sigh.

Base Color: China Glaze For Audrey
Layer: Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
Top Coat: Maybelline Matte Maker

*On a side note, I checked out my local Dollar Tree (well local is a stretch, its about 15 miles from my home) after hearing that they carry discontinued polishes. I was disappointed in finding nothing except nail files and buffers ;[

Monday, October 25, 2010


Last week I took a stroll in my local mall and decided to step into Bath and Body Works for the heck of it. Normally I do not shop in Bath and Body Works because the scents that take over that store is overwhelming. However, this time around I decided to check things out after hearing such great things about the PocketBacs. The promotion that is going on right now is 5 PocketBac for $5 when they are normally $1.50 each. The Slatkin & Co. 4 oz. candles were on sale for $5 each (Orginal $9.50).

  Reindeer PocketBacs: Santa's Mallow Mint and Vixen's Sweet Mint.

Santa's Mallow Mint smells sort of like marshmallows with the tiniest bit a mint scent. I am not quite sure how I feel about this scent. Maybe it is because the color of it doesn't match up with the smell?

Vixen's Sweet Mint smells DELICIOUS! To me, it smells like bubblegum flavored medicine!

Holiday Traditions PocketBacs: Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Candy Apple

Vanilla Bean Noel smells like vanilla with the tiniest bit of cocoa smell. I love vanilla but again, I do not like that the color does not represent the scent.

Winter Candy Apple does not smell like candy apples. Instead, it reminds me of a body wash I used in the past but I cannot remember the name of it. This PocketBac has a strong perfume scent, almost floral.

Twilight Woods Signature Collection

Twilight Woods smells AMAZING! It has a musky scent, which I think is perfect for guys to use since they may not like the other "girly" scents.

Cranberry Woods smells like fruit punch with a little floral smell.

Autumn has a floral scent but it is not overwhelming which I LOVE!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Left to Right: Icing Gargoyle (Matte), the next two have no labels sorry guys!

Left to Right: Love & Beauty Bronze, Sally Hansen Chocolate Nut, Sally Hansen Sparkling, Unforgettable Moments Precious Metal

Thursday, October 14, 2010


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have chosen four of my favorite pink polishes in my collection to show to you all!

From Left to Right: Color Club Poptastic, L'oreal Techno Tint, Milani Pyramid Passion, Maybelline Petal Power

These polishes are pretty much shown true to color in this picture! As you can see, I've used quite a bit of Techno Tint and Petal Power. They are just so pretty!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


As you can see, my nails were all different lengths at the time of this manicure. I have actually been meaning to post these pictures up for a while but I know your tired of hearing me complain about school and work! My nails are currently too short for my liking as they have been breaking and peeling as of recently. I am hoping to get them back to normal soon!

On Sunday, I will be walking along with my church in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk. I'm excited! I am going to attempt a special manicure this weekend in support of the cause. Wish me luck! lol