Wednesday, October 27, 2010 sparkly!

After my FAIL of a shopping trip to Dollar Tree, I headed to Sally Beauty Supply Store, which was a few stores down. I wanted to restrain myself from buying anything but my boyfriend convinced me to buy something (bad influence!). So I ended up buying FOUR somethings.

China Glaze Zombie Zest and China Glaze Ick-a-bod-y

Seche Vite Crystal Clear Base Coat and China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Below is China Glaze Ick-a-bod-y:


  1. definitely do a review on the Seche Vite clear top, I have been wanting to buy it for a while now !

  2. Tia! I actually meant to pick up the top coat but accidently bought the base coat. No worries though, I'm heading over to CVS tomorrow to pick up the top coat and will have a review ready as soon as possible!


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