Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have FINALLY found the double packs of Sally Hansen polishes at Dollar Tree!! After weeks of visiting and stalking every single aisle in the store, my local Dollar Tree has finally put out these much sought after packs. Though there was not a ton of different packs and I do already have some of them in my stash, I picked up a few that I did not have or wanted back ups of.

I know many of you all have also been searching for these packs and not have found them. Do not fear though my loyal readers!

I provide you with my first Holiday Giveaway!

                       "Cheerful Crimson" and Sally Hansen Nail Prisms "Diamond"

                                   "Imagine Coral" and "Always Ascher"

These will not be the only items in the giveaway! I will be tweeting about added prizes in the coming days!


  1. I wanted to enter -_- but I'm not gonna... I have too many bottles of nail polish!
    If I do happen to win I'd feel guilty. haha

  2. lol aww maybe you'll change your mind! i'll be adding prizes =]


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