Monday, December 6, 2010

China Glaze Naughty and Nice w/ Wet n Wild Prancer

China Glaze Naughty and Nice may look like a black polish BUT IT ISN'T! It is a very deep, vampy burgandy nail polish. While I am pretty sure this will stain my nails, I am liking this nail polish. The above picture is two coats with no top coat. One coat will really show the burgandy of the nail polish, however it is difficult to get an even one coat. Two coats turns the color VERY dark.

The formula on this polish is not that great but for the color, it is something I can deal with. I don't have many vampy colors in my stash so I was excited for this one! Did I mention this polish was pretty much hell to clean up?

Above, I layered Wet n Wild Prancer over China Glaze Naughty and Nice. Isn't it stunning? I cannot stop looking at my nails (but then again, that's pretty much the case always!). The larger red hexagonal glitters with the tiny small round glitters in a clear base make this an awesome top coat to put over your holiday mani's.

I am pretty disappointed that the bottle is only .22 fl. oz. I found it in a display at CVS with other Wet n Wild holiday nail polishes.


  1. love the glitter...when I first saw this off my phone, I thought it was the red version to China Glaze's Party hearty, but this one I like!!

    ....and don't worry, glitter makes me stare too.. try it on your toes...dude I couldn't walk barefoot anywhere without getting distracted:)lol


  2. I love that shade of polish. It's so hard to get a deep polish to not be black. Love Prancer over that. I'll have to look for it.


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