Monday, December 13, 2010

Fortune Cookie Soap Review

Today, I have a review for you guys on For those of you that do not know about this company, Fortune Cookie Soap is a company that makes "safe unique bath and body products (via company website)". has a variety of products including fortune cookie shaped soaps, bar soaps, bath bombs, bath melts, milk baths, sugar scrubs, shampoo bars, plus many more!

I had been wanting to purchase from after I heard about the company on a few YouTube review videos. On Black Friday, had a sale for 50% of their signature fortune cookie shaped soaps (naked - without extra packaging). With the sale, I spent no more more than $1.70 each (original $2.75 - $3.49 each). I took advantage of the opportunity and ordered 4 fortune cookie soaps. I was also sent a few samples.

Shipping time was not bad considering the amount of orders they must have received and that these are handmade items!! I ordered on Black Friday and the items were shipped out on the following Wednesday.

The fortune cookie soaps are absolutely adorable. Each comes with a little slip of paper tucked in with a little fortune!

When I received the items they were well packed with peanuts in a box and nothing arrived broken! I was extremely grateful for that!

Each item was individually wrapped and included a sticker with the company logo, the name of the product and the ingredients.

Oatmeal Cookie: This is my absolute favorite of all the soaps. It smells so delicious! This soap, which has bits of oats inside, smells like warm oatmeal with vanilla and honey. I wish the smell on this one was stronger because it smells so delightful!

Caramel Apple: I didn't really like this one at all. I was expecting more of a caramel apple mixture scent but what it really is, is the two seperate scents. To me, the apple scent is too strong and the caramel scent is not strong enough. The apple scent also does not have a "true" apple smell, it is more of a generic scent.

Cherry Limeade: Isn't this one adorable?! According the the description on the website, this soap is supposed to smell like Sonic's Cherry Limeade. Sadly, I do not have a Sonic around my area to compare it to. What I do know is that this smells a bit like cherry chapstick and red Starburts. Yummmmay!

Sweet Tart Martini: This was the scent the knocked me in the face as soon as I opened up the box that everything came in! Initially, it really did smell like the candy Sweet Tarts. However, after letting each item sit separately outside of the box, the scent on this soap seemed to disappear. It not just has a generic soap smell ;/ with the tiniest scent of what I smelled when I first opened the box. This one also dried out my skin a bit.

Now onto the samples:

Vivid (available in Fortune Cookie and Bar Soap) - This is my second favorite scent (after Oatmeal Cookie)! The description of this soap on the website is spot on:

"Vivid is one of those scents you can’t quite put your finger on … we made it that way on purpose! This fruity scent is jam-packed with peach smell paired with green apple – you want a cocktail?"

That is exactly how I felt when smelling the soap. I could not really figure out what the smell was but it reminded me of something! It kind of reminds me of on of the Laffy Taffy candies. The scent is sweet but no overbearing. There is glitter in the soap but it doesn't really stick to you, which is great with me!

Lick Me ALL Over - I do not like this one at all. *takes moment to go smell again, trying to give it another chance* Yeah, I still don't really like this one. As much as I have been smelling and smelling and smelling this one, I don't really smell much of anything. There is a very slight lemony scent but that is all I can smell on this. This one also has glitter.

Lime in the Coconut: I really like the soap. The two scents really compliment each other nicely! At first, I felt that the lime was a little too strong but it has evened out and smells amazing! The little coconut shreds on top are a really nice touch.

Rosewood if She Could: Doesn't the name make you giggle? The design on this soap is very nice. Check out the website for the full design. This soap smells exactly like rosewood. I am not really a fan of floral/woodsy scents but this one is light and something I would not mind using!

Lava Rox Bath Salt: I have not had a chance to use the bath salt as yet but I do have to say this smells amazing! It smells sweet with a slight floral scent. The description on the website say:

"This fruit concoction contains pink grapefruit scents along with papaya and mango."

I definitely smell a little papaya scent in there. The scent is very calming and I cannot wait to try this!

All the soaps lather fairly well. The scents do not linger on the skin very long which is a bit disappointing. My suggestion is to use the fortune cookie shaped soaps as hand or decorative soaps. If you want a full body soap, go for the bar soaps!

I am very pleased with customer service and overall I am looking forward to trying more products from this company!

*I was not paid to review. I purchased the full sized items myself and was sent samples for free. This does not affect the opinions in my review.

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