Friday, July 16, 2010


So one of the things I have grown to like lately is nail polish and nail art. Its on the road to becoming an obsession though. As a working student though, it can be an expensive habit and lately I've just been using the items that I have.

This is a recent design I've done using Milani's Hi-tech. On the ring finger I did a marble design using Maybelline Express Finish (105- Barely Pink) and Maybelline foreverstrong (60- Wonder Melon).
I need to stop taking pictures via my Blackberry and actually start using my digital camera because this does not show the intensity of Milani's Hi-tech 3D Holographic nail polish. It truely is a vibrant color and I plan on buying more Milani nail polishes soon!
I also have a habit of not "cleaning up" my manicure before taking pictures LOL

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