Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is another manicure I've done recently. I used a blue nail polish my Delia*s and a green polish by Jordache Studio Looks. I've had these polishes for a very long time and no longer have the labels for them ;[ so I can't tell you the color names but I posted a picture a picture above of the bottles. I used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in White Out for the dots on the thumb and ring finger and then topped it off with two coats of top coat.

EDIT: is having a giveaway!! Click this link to see her post and to enter in to win one of three packages.


  1. Ah! Love this! I'm not a real big fan of the double color thing but this looks nice! I would def try something like this! I like the colors as well! The blue sorta looks more purple to me; but I like it.

  2. Thanks jazmine =] Its funny because in person the nail polish bottle looks more purple but when you put it on it looks more blue lol

  3. Vero!!
    I'm your first follower!
    and I love the purplish color here. I mixed my own recently, I have it on right now :)

  4. Hey Larina! Yes! My first follower =]

    Wow I need to learn how to mix polishes. *runs over to youtube* lol where I learn everything haha.

  5. Your nails look so beautiful; and looks like you had some real fun with the colors and the nail art. Good for you. Love your web blog. Is the dEliA's blue polish the same like the woman's fashion store at the mall? and/or Like the flower Delia?

  6. @Geo58 - Thank you for your comment! The delia's polish is from the clothing store =]

  7. i must say that i love this ! i will be trying this one (:


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