Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I used to do questionnaires on Myspace and Xanga. I thought they were fun!


Favorite color? Green

Favorite animal? Llama. Odd, I know! I also have had three pet frogs. RIP Halloween, Fatty Bum Bum and Froggie Little.

Favorite program/s? Real World, Jersey Shore, Greys Anatomy, Top Chef, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill, Oprah, Dirty Jobs, Bizarre Foods and much more!

Favorite radio station? Hot97 and Z100

Favorite board game? Monopoly, but I rather play online because it moves much quicker!

Favorite video game/s? Any Grand Theft Auto game!

Favorite drink? Water and Sprite

Favorite season? All but winter, I dread the cold

Favorite holiday? Halloween and New Years Eve

Favorite smell? Vanilla

I suppose I should tag people but since I do not have many followers, I will leave that up to the reader! However, if you do decide to fill this out for yourself, leave a link in the comment box. I would love to read your responses!


  1. Llamas are pretty cool. I like alpacas, too.

  2. >Hi Vero:

    >sure I will take the survey, looks like fun.

    Favorite color? Teal

    Favorite animal? Dog or puppies, LOL

    Favorite program/s?

    >I like watching the Science Channel, since the Gulf Oil Spill by BP Oil. So, I love "Morgan's Freeman's Journey through the wormhole," Also, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Rachel Zoe's and Bravo's Project Runway new season!! finally...

    Favorite radio station? None

    Favorite board game? Chess, I used to play on-line but took too much time. I also play some of the games on my face book page.

    Favorite video game/s? Mafia Wars, You Ville, Farm Ville, (Sorority Wars, LOL)

    Favorite drink? OJ

    Favorite season? Fall and Winter. Love the foliage of the September and trees turning gorgoeus colors

    Favorite holiday? Christmas and Halloween. I decorate the outside of the house with spider webs strung across my dad's wheel chair ramp and use special Xmas tree lights...

    Favorite smell? Lavender, French Vanilla, especially the Yankee Candles and Bath and Body Works bath and body washes.


    >Mc Huggs :)

  3. McHuggs,

    I used to watch Project Runway but sinced they moved it to Lifetime, I haven't been to interested.

    I was obsessed with Farmville but stopped around 2 and a half months ago!


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