Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This question of the week is a little late but better late than never, right?

What is your favorite food and why?
I know, I know. This is such a generic question, but why not?

My favorite food would have to be french fries.It is such a simple food that you can top with just about anything. I absolutely LOVE seasoned fries!

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  1. well, this may not be considered a food but
    ICE CREAM or sorbet. :)

  2. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is yyyuuuummmmmmyyy! or just plain ol' vanilla!

  3. french fries form Micky D's!!! :) I agree on this and i just love pasta and Garret's popcorn and Mexican food! lol!!!! i can go on and on about food!

  4. Thanks for the comment Anna. I loveeeee mcdonalds fries. Why are they so good?!

    I love pasta too. Especially the three cheese ziti from Olive Garden lol yuuuuummaaaayyyy!

    I had Mexican food only once but will definitely be eating some more in the future =]

  5. French Fries! LOL :)

    Okay, mine would be baked Fruit. I love just about any fruit, grapes, peaches oranges, watermelon, blueberries, apples, (I didn't know they are so many different tasting varieties) like Jazz Apples are my new favorite.

    For Dessert: Hagen Daz Vanilla Swiss Almond Hot Fudge Sundae

    Mc Huggs :)


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