Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zoya: Yara and Dove

Hey all! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I don't usually post on Sundays but I am actually home today and I am trying to get a lot of stuff done before Thanksgiving!

A couple weeks ago, Zoya had a promotion where you get two polishes for the price of shipping, which is $6.96 USD. This was a deal I could not pass up because Zoya nail polishes retail for $7 each. The two that I chose were Yara and Dove.

Yara is a pickle green nail polish with iridescent gold shimmer throughout the polish. IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! After seeing swatches on a few other blogs, it just had to be mine!

Dove is a cement grey creme polish that I have been eyeing for a while. I do not have many "basic" color polishes and for some reason I was drawn to this one rather than another "out there" polish like Yara.

Sorry for the slight blurriness of these pictures! I stamped Yara over 2 coats of Dove with a pattern from the Bundle Monster plate BM-209.

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  1. I realllllllly need to get me one of those stampers! Looks great!



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