Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pretty Addictions Haul: Part 1

Today, I have another Pretty Addictions haul for you all. This will be a two part haul. About two months ago I made my first purchase from PrettyAddictions.com (which you can read about here). Within a week or so from making that first purchase, I made another purchase. I COULD NOT RESIST! I have really fallen in love with these products. For one, they are so reasonably priced and there is almost always a great deal going on over at the website. Secondly, these products are super pigmented and are of great quality.

Check out some of the eyeshadows I purchased below and be sure to come back to see the second part of this haul, which will be posted later on in the week.

From top to bottom: Mango Margarita, Brown Suga, Mojito, Foggy Hollow, Bloom

Mango Margarita-Pretty Addictions Mineral Cosmetics, Mango Margarita, Eye Shadow, eyeshadow,        
Brown Suga-Pretty Addictions Mineral Cosmetics, Brown Suga, eye shadow,                                                                

Mojito-Pretty Addictions Mineral Cosmetics, Mojito, Eye Shadow, eyeshadow,

Foggy Hollow-Pretty Addictions Mineral Cosmetics, Foggy Hollow, Eye Shadow, eyeshadow,

Bloom-Pretty Addictions Mineral Cosmetics, Bloom, Eye Shadow, eyeshadow,

*(Photos of eyeshadows in jar were taken from PrettyAddictions.com. Photos of package and finger swatches are property of TheVEROblog)


  1. Foggy Hollow and Bloom are two of my favorite shades! Foggy Hollow and Antique doll go great together!

  2. They seem very pigmented. Nice!

  3. I love the pattern on the products! Great colors you chose. <3 Hello Kitty! Thank you for the post! x

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