Monday, August 16, 2010


I have been super busy with work. I feel like a broken record but it is back-to-school season so the store that I work in is crazy busy. When I get home, I am too exhausted to do anything.

My boyfriend's 21st Birthday is coming up on the 22nd, so I will doing a birthday haul of the items I am getting for him. I can't even post a sneak peak because he will see this! >=/ lol

My birthday is on the 29th! I'm not too excited this year though.

Reminder: I will be doing a giveaway when I reach 50+ followers.

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  1. hi!

    Nice blog you got there!
    I'm a follower now :)

    Maybe you can check out my blog as well some time and become a follower?

  2. Hey! thanks for the follow tessa! I'll definitely check out your blog =]


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