Monday, August 2, 2010



I ended up using the camera on my HP laptop which at least shows the color a little better.

So anyway, last week I purchased my first Sinful Colors polishes: FIJI 214 (pictured above), HOTTIE 831 (glitter polish) and LET'S MEET 928 (yellow with tiny flecks of gold red and green).

I don't quite know what to think of this polish.

Firstly, FIJI is a beautiful purple polish with tiny flecks of pink and blue.

Aside from that, application is not great. The polish is sheer and required many brush strokes to get an even FIRST coat, which was very annoying. The manicure required 3 coats. I decided to wear it without a top coat because the polish is shiny on its own and just to see how well it wears.

...and I was disappointed. As the polish was drying, I got a few tiny bubbles (but there could be a number of reasons why this happened). This polish gets nicked VERY easily. A top coat is definitely needed.

I haven't used HOTTIE or LET'S MEET yet but when I do, I will post pictures of those. Hopefully I will have figured out how to take pictures with my camera by then!

Overall, I do like the color selections and for the price they aren't that bad!


  1. I wasn't too impressed by the couple Sinful Colors polishes I got recently either. I'd never tried their polishes before but heard they were supposed to be good so wanted to try them, and now I'm not sure if I'd buy more from them or not.

    As to your camera, I am not familiar with yours, or the HP cameras in general honestly. But, can you adjust the white balance on it? If colors are not showing up accurately it is typically because the white balance needs to be adjusted.

  2. Thanks for your comment Red! I will have to check out if i can change those settings. Thanks for the advice =]

  3. Hi Vero:

    Sorry to hear about the problems with your camera. They are many web blogs on camera and adjustments, or you could ask a number of nail polish web bloggers what type of camera they use and what settings they prefer, this might help you with the pictures.

    You also mentioned, Tiny bubbles, forming on your nails. Yes, a missing top coat might be the culprit however, I wonder if you "shake" the polish bottle instead of gently rolling in the palms of your hands?

    If you roll your nail polish bottle then the following doesn't apply to you. If you shake your nail polish bottles as some nail salons still do then...

    The bubbles you mention are flammable liquid vapor as nail polish is a flammable liquid, If you shake the bottle up and down, bubbles may form and are trying to escape the nail polish bottle. These may follow onto you nails; if you gently roll the nail polish bottle back and forth between your palms, chances are bubbles won't appear in the nail polish bottle or your nails. Just thought I would mention this as bubbles tend to break ruining the manicures of many women.


    Mc Huggs :)


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