Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today I present my first mini haul =]. I headed over to Kohl's and Duane Reade to browse a little and purchased a few things.


There was a sale on Dorm Essentials, so I ended up buying a Student Lounge Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer which was on sale for $10.99 (Original $21.99). This organizer has 24 pockets and the one I purchased is in the color black.

All my shoes were all over my closet floor and in the laundry room. Now, My closet floor is a little more organized! This is a great item to have. The only downside is that some of my sneakers and heels do not quite fit in properly but my sandals fit perfectly!

The next item I purchased was a Student Lounge Over-the-Door 4-Hook Metal Hanger for $4.99 (Original $9.99).

I will be using this to hang my towels on. To my disappointment, this item does not quite fit over my door as nicely as I would like it to.

Total with tax: $16.51
Discount (Kohl's Cash): -$10.00 
My Total: $6.51

Duane Reade:

Color Club Twiggie

Color Club Koo-Koo CaChoo

Color Club Poptastic

These pictures that I obtained from the Cosmetic Group/Color Club website do no justice for these colors. The pink and orange polishes are bright neon's. The green polish is also slightly brighter than what it shown above in the picture.

The polishes were each $3.99

I also picked up some Dial hand sanitizer for $1.79 because at work I am constantly handling dirty boxes and ladders and I like to keep this in my work smock to freshen up!

My Total with tax: $14.98


  1. Good job! My question tho is how in hellllll did u get khols cash????

    And which duane read did u go to cuz I saw those same nail polishes at the jamaica ave store for $6.99 each! I thought that was ridiculous! The colors were very pretty tho!

  2. You get Kohl's cash when you spend a certain amount of money there =] The promotion that they have I believe is that you spend $50 and you get back $10 Kohls cash,

    I went to the Duane Reade on Francis Lewis by St. Francis Prep. The colors are crazy bright and I read great reviews on them so I decided to buy some =] They had a yellow color but it wasn't as bright as I wanted it to be!

    Thanks for the comment =]

  3. Lol de nada!! I saw they also have a bright purple!! I want to go back and get it! I think ima do my toes that color!!

  4. Thanks for the comment libys11 ! The shoe organizer is definitely coming in handy =] No more shoes thrown all over my closet floor. =]

  5. Hi Veronica:

    I am not sure if my comment was posted. However, I will try once more. Just wanted to say that I love that shoe organizer and your door hanger for the towels. If the top part of the door hanger rubs up against the top of the door jam, you may need to take down the door and have the top of the door planned. Just enough so that when you close the door , it will fit nicely.

    Love Color Club nail colors, price is amazing and think I will get Mrs. Robinson, the purple shade, AN07, maybe the next time I am in Kohl's or will order a bunch from their web site. Think that shade would look great on my toenails, LOL



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