Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Knotty Wine

Hey all.

Above is a manicure using China Glaze Knotty and Omega Labs Nail Art Striper Brush in Burgundy Wine, that were sent to me from, which I mentioned here. I also L.A Colors Nail Art Brush in White on the accent nail.

China Glaze Knotty is a tan colored nail polish with scattered holographic flecks throughout the polish. If I remember correctly, I used three coats of this polish for full opacity.

I absolutely love love love the brush on the Omega Labs Nail Art Striper Brush in Burgundy Wine. It is super thin, which allows for a better use of this polish. The formula is also very nice compared to the thickness of the L.A Colors Nail Art Brushes. I highly recommend this Omega Labs polish!

There are noticeable nicks on this manicure and I have a pretty bad cut by my cuticle on my ring finger, which I tried to cover up as best as I could in these pictures!


  1. It looks great!!


  2. This color is very nice! It's so classy! I have to add this one to my list. :)


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