Friday, May 13, 2011

Haul? Gifts? IDK!

*Since Blogger was being a jerk off and deleted everyone's posts and comments the other day, I have to re-post this and try and remember what I wrote!*

Can I call this a haul if these were given to me by someone? IDK! These polishes were generously passed on to me by a family friend. I was very surprised to get these because 1) I barely know her, 2) I haven't seen her in years and 3) I HIGHLY doubt she knows about my nail polish obsession! It warms my heart to know that some people can be so generous and I am so thankful to have these!

 From left to right: Jordana Garlic Growth Base Coat, Sweet Orange, Soft Pink, Silky Purple, Good Luck Charm, Orange Gleam

 From left to right: Red Gem, Midnight Blue, Instinct

From left to right: Maybelline Sparkling Champagne, Cover Girl Cherry Slick, Miss Kiss Superstar


  1. That's a great gift :) Love the pastels :D

  2. That's amazing! Great gift!

  3. Nice gift and from soneone you barely knew too, so lucky.

    Congratulations on winning someone's giveaway.. I think it was Perdy Claw's :D

  4. Hi!
    You have an award on my blog! :)

  5. Blogger is so wrong on so many levels about deleting posts! Ugh, anyways. Pretty colors. & that was sweet of the person to do that :)


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