Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

From Left to Right: Sally Hansen Sweet Creams, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Ulta The Jungle Look, Jordana Tangy, OPI Banana Bandanna, CND Eclectic Purple

Happy Easter! I hope you all are enjoying your day.

Today's manicure consists of 2-3 coats of Sally Hansen Sweet Creams, which is a sheer and very light pink. I added a thin layer of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over every nail, including the accent nail. Then over Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on the accent nail, I painted flower stems using Ulta The Jungle Look. I used Jordana Tangy, OPI Banana Bandanna and CND Eclectic Purple for the flowers. The stem and flowers were painted on using some paint brushes from a pack of 25 that I purchased at Michaels for less than $5.


  1. I love it =)

    Happy easter to you too =)

  2. This one's SO cute! I recently bought brushes too, and they have been taking over my life lol


  3. [TAG!] I've tagged you in the This or That blog post.

  4. this is super cute! hope ur easter was great!
    thank you so much for dropping by, reading and leaving a comment ^^ here's my reply: the fish flavour isn't really there. so it's good for people that don't like the fishy smell. the patty is firm yet easy to bite through, and when it's super warm and fresh, it melts the cheese. With the tartart sauce, tangy and creamy, it's really good!


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