Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Little LUSH Post

Once a Year Massage Bar - The first time I smelled this I didn't think much of it. However, yesterday I went into my local LUSH and fell in love (as I do with all LUSH products! lol). It smells like bubble gum. Yummmy! There is a little iridescent sparkles in it but I do not mind it! Plus, all holiday items are now 50% off so I got this for $4 and change!

I finally picked up a shampoo bar! This is Soak and Float. It is supposed to help with dry scalp. I will definite update you all with my opinion on this. I do not really like the scent but I figure the scent won't stick to my hair anyway.


  1. haha I love the mustache on the first one! Lush products are always so cute :D

  2. I bought Soak and Float and the SA at my Lush told me that it wouldn't make my hair or my bathroom smell. Unfortunately for me, it did both (even with a nice smelling conditioner, the smell came through). My bathroom wreaked like a campfire, but the shampoo did wonders for my dry scalp.

  3. I forgot about all the holiday clearance! Thanks for the reminder - I gotta get to a Lush. I loved using the coconutty Trichomania bar.
    I've tagged you on my blog for the Stylish Blogger Award :)


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