Saturday, November 20, 2010


Just added a tab on my navigation bar up there! Click "Polish Stash" to see a list of polishes that I have collected. This list does not include no name/no label polishes. However, when I get the time I plan on photographing every polish I have and posting them to their name on the list. The ones without names will also be photographed.

My list isn't very big and compared to all the other nail bloggers out there, my stash is just a baby!


  1. You've got some nice ones in there (including some I don't even have)! Good for you to start documenting your stash early before it gets too big to manage. :)

  2. Thanks Karen! I figure as I am getting more and more into nail polish I might as well start making the list now. I actually just finished organizing them as well so will be doing a most on that soon too!


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