Saturday, November 13, 2010

Confetti polishes and a mini Seche Vite review

 Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, Confetti Moonstruck, Confetti Wedding White

Confetti polishes were on sale for $1 (orig. $1.99) at CVS about two weeks ago. The display was pretty much empty when I discovered this so I picked the two polishes that stuck out the most to me. Moonstruck is a wonderful taupe polish. I LOVE IT! It is a bit more like the bottle color than what is showing up in the manicure photo. I believe I used 2 coats. I did the design with Confetti Wedding White using a dotting tool but this can be easily done using a toothpick or the ends of a bobby pin.

A quick review on Seche Vite:
I am a little late on the Seche Vite train. I actually never cared too much about what base coat and top coat I used but after hearing rave reviews about the top coat I decided to buy it. Except I accidently picked up the base coat LOL. I did go back and  buy the top coat a few days later.

In regards to the base coat, since it is called "Crystal Clear Base Coat", I don't care for it much. I actually prefer my Milani base coat. What I do like about the base coat is that it provides a smoother surface which helps with polish application.

Now the top coat I LOVE. It dries super fast and leaves a beautiful shine! I also notice that I don't get tip wear as quickly as I did when using other top coats. I am a believer! LOL


  1. NOTHING, as far as I am aware, beats Seche Vite dry fast top coat. I got it a few months ago and fell in love right away. I love how it's SO shiny, and it dries SO INCREDIBLY fast! :D But it does cause a little bit off shrinkage, which I've heard other people complain about. But it doesnt bother me.

    And I LOVE taupe colors. ~


  2. Love the design!!!!!!!!!

    Sooooooo creative!!



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