Thursday, September 30, 2010


Its time to take a break from all the nail polish related posts and get back to more variety.

Today, I am spolighting iDeJANCE, a YouTube channel created by choreographer Dejan Tunic. This channel focuses on choreography performed by Dejan and his many dancers of all ages. THESE VIDEOS ARE ADDICTING! Dejan and his dancers are extremely talented and are full of energy.

All of the videos posted on on this YouTube channel are choreographed by either Dejan Tunic or his assistant Janelle Ginestra. This duo teaches dance classes at the International Dance Academy in Hollywood, CA.

At the time of this post, iDeJANCE YouTube channel has recieved more than 500,000 channel views and more than 10 million videos views!

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  1. Verooooo. I finally checked my blog after months.
    I really like yours, it's so cool. Especially the posts about nail polish, ahaha :)


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