Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Barielle Total Foot Care Cream


Now that we have that all cleared up, today I will be reviewing Barielle's Total Foot Care Cream (4 fl oz. Retail Value: $19.50 US). Everyone who knows me in "real life" knows I have crusty ass feet lmao. Seriously though, the heels of my feet get super dry and no matter how many times I scrub and apply lotion, nothing every works.

The box reads:
"Total Foot Care Cream for Callused, Chapped Feet - An award winning, luxurious, conditioning formula that softens and helps to eliminate calluses while moisturizing chapped areas of the feet. Contains no harsh peeling ingredients, acids or camphors, so it will not irritate the sensitive areas of your skin. Leaves your entire foot feeling soft and silky."

"Massage into feet twice a day - once in the morning after bathing and once again in the evening before bed."

For Best Results:
"Put plain socks (100% cotton) on feet after applying cream. Leave on overnight to seal in moisture."

I have had this for a few months but never really used it more than a handful of times because I never remembered to! However, lately I have been using this quite regularly and I have to say, this stuff is pretty darn amazing. It smells like baby powder - a little strong at first but then fades away to a comfortable scent. The texture is not too thick and a little goes a long way, which is great for me because I hate heavy lotions. The best part is that it doesn't leave my feet feeling greasy at all!

I only remember to apply this at night and it would be a miracle if anyone could get me to wear socks to bed. However, I do notice a difference in the heels of my feet, especially now that it is winter and my skin tends to get much drier.

I have really been loving this and I am glad I have added it to my routine.

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*Funds to purchase this were sponsored by months ago. All opinions are my own. I really do have crusty ass feet. 

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