Friday, March 4, 2011

Cover Girl Crackle Polish

I finally found those Cover Girl 2 per pack nail polishes at Dollar Tree. I will show you all my complete haul in my next post but for now I will show you my favorite polish out of the bunch! I was so excited to get these packs and even more excited to see they had some Crackle nail polishes. I have been waiting for Sally's Beauty to get the China Glaze Crackle polishes. I will love this Cover Girl crackle polish as if it is my first born baby! (OK, maybe not but you get the idea!) Plus, from the swatches I have seen of the China Glaze crackles, I much prefer the crackle effect of the old school Cover Girl version!

There was only one shade of the Crackle nail polish in the packs I searched through, which is the one in the above manicure. It is called Boo! I am a little confused about what the color of this nail polish actually is. I mean, when I look at the bottle at different angles I see emerald green and a deep purple. In the pictures above the bottle looks to be a dark navy blue. When applied to the nail, the polish looks black! *shrugs*

I layered a thin coat of Cover Girl Boo! over Maybelline English Toffee, a pink coral shade (another old school polish from my haul). I made sure not to apply it thick or go over any of the crackle polish I had already painted. I began to see it crackle within 15 seconds and it completely crackled within 40-50 seconds. A top coat was definitely needed, otherwise the crackle polish who have just came right off.

Do you have any of these old school Cover Girl Crackle polishes? What do you think of them?


  1. I had a bunch back in HS. I thought I kept them but sadly I didn't...what is it they say about you not being old until the stuff you did as a kid comes back in style. Well yeah, guess I'm old. =D

    It's funny how all these high end polish companies are doing this crackle thing now and CoverGirl did it first.

  2. whhhhaaaaa?! I'm so happy I follow your blog! I would have never known that Covergirl did this first! I would soooooooooo buy them!!
    Wish you wrote this like a week ago... my roomie JUST came back from New York! Would have got her to pick me some up!!!! I will try and hunt one out here!
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  3. I knew I wasn't crazy! I thought for sure that Cover Girl did a version of these kind of polishes. I have the China Glaze Crackle and last night was able to find the O.P.I Black shatter, I personally prefer the CG Crackle better.

    This is really pretty too! Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. my china glaze crackles have been acting just like the covergirl ones. i think you just gotta apply them real thinly and they'll apply real nicely :)

  5. I have been dying to find these ever since I heard about them. My closest dollar tree didn't have them. Maybe I'll scour the earth tomorrow.

  6. LOVE!! I used to have the covergirl ones when I was young, I'm happy to see them back!! Lol



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