Sunday, April 15, 2012

Influenster Love VoxBox Item: Kiss Nail Dress in Bodysuit

I was lucky enough to receive the Love VoxBox from Influenster, which was filled with chocolate, tea, a sugar substitute, a razor and a set of Kiss Nail Dress.

The pattern of Kiss Nail Dress (Retail Value: $6.99) that I received was Bodysuit (KDS14). Firstly, I love the packaging. It is small enough to just throw in a bag on the go. They have tons of other different designs as well. 

The package includes two sheets of nail strips and a double sided file. Now here is my issue. The packaging says that it includes 28 strips in 14 sizes. I have counted this a million times and thought I was crazy but there are only 22 strips. Can someone who has tried these before please explain this to me lol!

The strips are really simple to apply. Just peel off, stick on and file off the excess. Many of the strips didn't fit my nails perfectly but the design was cute so I didn't mind too much.

I am not sure if I would buy these again. Maybe if they make more sizes! If you have reviewed these, please leave a link below because I would love to read what you thought!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kiss 100 Full Cover Nails Review

(yes, I do realize this picture is super grainy but at least the colors are correct!)

If you read my Duane Reade Haul post, I mentioned that I purchased these Kiss 100 Full Cover Nails in Medium Length Active Square and the reasons why I did.

The package comes with 5 different sizes. This is the main thing to think about when purchasing fake nails - not all the nails will fit perfectly to your nail size. This happened to be the case with me. With some of the nails applied, I can still see my natural nail on the corners.

In terms of length, the package claims to be medium length but I found them to be too long (so I can't even imagine the long length package!). I ended up cutting them and filing them down a bit. If I do purchase these again, I will definitely go with the short length nails.

The glue that comes with the package is pretty good. It doesn't dry up in the bottle after one use and it has been holding up pretty well. I have had these nails on for two days now and only the thumb nail on my right hand came off last night, but that may have been error on my part. When I glued that nail on, I left a major air bubble. All I had to do was glue it back on and I am good to go :)

I painted the nails using Zoya Skye and I did a simple design on the accent nail using the Sinful Colors polishes Why Not and Hazard from my Duane Reade Haul.

Final Verdict: I will probably purchase the short length for future occasions where my nails look like crap and I need a quick fix!