Friday, July 20, 2012

A Royal Wedding

A couple weeks ago, I attended a wedding of a friend. It included all the festivities of a traditional Hindu wedding, including the mehendi night! That explains the henna on my hand :)

The manicure was done using a Love & Beauty polish which I do not know the name of because I can't find the bottle :(

The gems are from Kiss Nails and you can view the package I used by clicking here. I don't really recommend them though because they did not last very long on my nails. 

On the accent finger, I tried out those beads that have been very popular in nail art recently. I ordered a pack of 12 from here for $2.33 ! I really do like it and I am looking forward to trying other looks with the different colors.

I tried to match my nails as close as possible to the colors of my sari! 


  1. The color is very pretty, I like the gems too but I guess you'd need heavy duty top coat to keep it on for a long time. Looks good with the sari too :)


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