Friday, September 30, 2011

Bath and Body Works Halloween PocketBacs

From Left to Right: Skulls Forbidden Apple, Sour Drop, Phantom Pumpkin, Bones Monster Mint, Chocolate Chew, Zombie Tonic Marshmallow, Bat Bite Apple, Vampire Blood Plum

Here is the final part of my Bath and Body Works haul from a few days ago. The Halloween PocketBacs were 8 for $5 (usually 5 for $5)!

I love Halloween and the design and scents of these PocketBacs are so cool! For a closer look, just click on the picture above.

Skulls Forbidden Apple actually smells like a red apple. Most apple scents are usually green apples, if I am not mistaken.

Sour Drop smells exactly like your typical sour candy: Fun Dip, Sour Drops, WarHeads, etc.

Phantom Pumpkin smells like the Creamy Pumpkin candle I posted about here. It is a light, sweet bakery scent.

Bones Monster Mint smells like a vanilla mint.

Chocolate Chew smells EXACTLY like a chocolate chew that may or may not have a fruit filling. Like when you bite into one hoping it is only chocolate and then find out it is cherry filled. LOL

Zombie Tonic Marshmallow smells just like the Marshmallow Fireside candle I posted about here.

Bat Bite Apple has the typical green apple scent.

Vampire Blood Plum smells lightly fruity but more of a perfume scent.

My favorite out of the 8 would have to be Phantom Pumpkin. If you have any of these, let me know which is your favorite. If you don't, which are you most interested in trying out?

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  1. I'm mad I'm missing ALL of the good sales at BBW. I love the little ones.
    I presented an award on my blog for you, check it out when you get a chance


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